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20.10.05 :: Dell  to set up large call center in Philippines


01.10.05 :: We have United More than 2000 Callcenter Providers in our Database


25.09.05 :: We started Call Center  Forums to communication between call center professionals.


20.09.05 :: We finally take new domain  name for our call center portal.







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Call Center Planet is designed specifically to fulfill your information needs for the contact center industry around the world. Our goal is to provide resources to everyone in the Call Center Industry. Whether you are a prospective an entrepreneur, or an organization needing services of a call center or anyone within the complete spectrum of the Call Center industry this is the right place for you. Our Directory is for worldwide Call Center lists and Forum is to communicate ideas and information with others in the call center industry.

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CallCenterPlanet is the internet's leading community dedicated to improving the call centre industry. With respected members worldwide, we promote commonsense approaches to the issues that we encounter every day in our jobs. We do this by making it easy for our members to sharing ideas and questions with other members, using our dedicated interactive community.

Our call center forum is designed to facilitate communication between call center professionals. Its a place to ask questions and find answers and a place to communicate ideas and information with others in the call center industry. Feel free to participate in any of the discussions threads on the forum, or start your own.





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